The determinants of financial planning among youths in Sabah

  • Abqaree Fawwaz Abekan Sabah Youth Council
  • Nelson Lajuni Universiti Malaysia Sabah
  • Avnner Chardles Wellfren Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia
  • Edith Clerisa Marimo National Anti-Drugs Agency
  • Titis Fatarina Mahfirah Universitas Negeri Jakarta
Keywords: Financial Planning, Digital Financial Literacy, Financial Attitude, Youth, Malaysia


This study explores the relationship between digital financial literacy and financial attitude to financial planning, with the target population being the youths residing in Malaysia. Questionnaires adopted from past literature were distributed to gather relevant data from the target population, and 300 respondents participated in this study. The results show that digital financial literacy and attitude positively relate to financial planning. Meanwhile, digital financial literacy did not moderate the relationship between financial attitude and financial planning. This study's limitations include omitting other variables, such as behavioural and socio-demographic factors, that may affect financial planning and need to be considered to present a more comprehensive research framework and provide more accurate findings. Lastly, this research guides the relevant authorities in reviewing the country's sufficiency and effectiveness of financial education.

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Abekan, A. F., Lajuni, N., Wellfren, A. C., Marimo, E. C., & Mahfirah , T. F. (2024). The determinants of financial planning among youths in Sabah. Global Advances in Business Studies, 3(1), 1-12.